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PAUL MEIENBERG is a film collector and historian who has made a lifetime hobby out of studying the lovely Olga Baclanova. His interest in Olga began in 1974 when he saw Freaks at a theatre with a friend. His friend complained throughout the movie about what an “awful actress” Olga was. Paul took his friend’s revulsion as a challenge to learn more about her, and before long this spark of interest changed him into one of the world’s foremost experts on Olga Baclanova. Paul is an avid 16mm and memorabilia collector and can often be found at silent, film-noir, and classic-era movie screenings in the San Francisco area where he lives; oftentimes the screenings are of his own private prints. His articles on Olga Baclanova and on the classic actresses Gertrude Michael, Tala Birell and Alison Skipworth have appeared in Films of the Golden Age. Paul is also an accomplished jazz pianist and has been playing 1930’s hotel-style society jazz since his college days. And no, Paul does not teach pretentious film classes for a living! In fact, he makes international traffic and export logistics his day job, and boasts an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (BSFS) and graduate degrees from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management.

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DAVID GASTEN is a freelance writer and a devoted fan of silent and early talkie films. He is also the webmaster and designer of The Pola Negri Appreciation Site, an in-depth information site about the great silent/early talkie actress Pola Negri. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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